Sunday, November 29, 2009

A new year starts...

Did you put up decorations this weekend? What type?

I decorated this weekend, also, but not for Christmas. I know, the Christmas season starts on Black Friday (for the 'traditionalist'--earlier for the non-traditional) but I come from the really, really, really old school. It's not Christmas yet, it's Advent.

Advent. Remember Advent? It's the start of the liturgical year, and a season of preparation--not for the arrival of Santa on his sleigh, but for the birth of Christ. Advent is a season of promise--the promise that Christ is coming--and soon.

It's not too late to decorate for Advent, even if you have put up your Christmas tree. Go grab some candles and create an Advent wreath of some sort. Traditionally the candles are purple and pink, but if all you have is white, well, then, go ahead and use them. Get some purple and pink ribbon and tie a bow around each candle (3 purple, 1 pink). Light the first purple candle with dinner. Remember what season this really is, and prepare yourself for the birth of the King.

(pictured above: this year's Advent wreath)