Tuesday, November 2, 2010

An Election Day Prayer

"Come Holy Spirit and Saint Michael! Come to us, all Angels of Good Government appointed by God the Father to vouchsafe the elections that are taking place in the United States! Inspire us and others to vote in such a way that will ensure respect for human life from conception to natural death; prosperity, peace, and dignity for all within our borders and beyond in accord with the holy will of Jesus Christ for America and its allies. On these feasts of All Souls and All Saints, we beg for the extraordinary and miraculous intercession of every soul in heaven, especially the souls and guardian angels of all of our countless millions of sanctified citizens, relatives, and friends of the United States who have passed from this earth, reaching back in all of human history. God the Father, Unleash Your Awesome Power upon this nation consecrated and dedicated by American Catholics and their bishops to the Immaculate Heart of Mary! O Mary, intercede on election day! We promise you, we will vote in a prayerful and responsible way. Amen!"

(Source: Catholicity email newsletter)